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MR Audio and Video works closely with your project manager or superintendent to ensure timely installation of the cables and components before drywall installation and finishing occur.

Structured Wiring is a means to centralize and organize the cables and individual system panels required to distribute multi-room TV, video, phone service, multi-room audio, computer network, and Internet services to each room in your house.

A structured wiring system gives you a number of configurations to choose from. Wires originating from the Connection Center (the "brains" of the system typically located in a service area such as a closet, garage, attic or basement) are routed to outlets located in each room of your house.

  • TELEPHONE OUTLET - Allows you to connect standard one and two-line telephones, a fax machine or a dial-up modem. Outlet includes (1) 4 pair category 5e wire.
  • TELEVISION OUTLET - Supports cable, TV, satellite or off-air TV antenna applications. A high-speed cable modem may also be connected. Outlet includes (1) RG-6 coaxial cable.
  • CONNECTION CENTER - The Connection Center, located in a closet, distributes services from outside the house (cable TV, telephone, satellite dish, Internet, etc.) to outlet locations throughout the house.
  • TELEPHONE/TV COMBO OUTLET - This convenient outlet lets you have both telephone and television in one location. Outlet includes (2) 4 pair category 5e wire and (1) RG-6 coaxial cable.
  • TERMINATION - All feeds and connections are terminated and tested at location and at the structured wiring box.




In a surround sound setup, you will find that different speakers will produce different sounds. There are four types of channel for the surround setup. The centre, front, the surround and the LFE (Low Frequency Effects). The centre speaker is used for the dialogue of the film, etc. you will soon know if your centre speaker isn't working properly as you will hear only noises and no words. Do note thought, that when a stereo audio source is used, the centre speaker will not produce anything at all. The centre speaker only works with a true 5.1 source.

The Front speakers produce the action noises and create the effect of what sounds are coming from the right and the left. Anything that isn't dialogue will come out of the front speakers. It is usual to have the front speakers louder than the surround speakers.

The Surround speakers are used to give the true cinematic experience by adding depth to the sound. With 5.1 surround, you can hear things going past you and you can tell the direction of the movement. The surround speakers are generally quieter than the main front ones and are normally a little further away from you.

The LFE (Low Frequency Efffect) channel is a separate track used for low bass in music and special bass effects in movie soundtracks on DVD discs. The LFE channel is output by a subwoofer.






Homes Pre-wired for Multi-Room Audio

The easiest solutions to implement are in homes that come pre-wired with speaker wire and Cat5 cable to speakers already installed in various areas of the house. The wiring usually leads to a structured wiring panel in a closet or to a speaker panel in the family room. Some homes come with four conductor wires to each location and some only have standard two-conductor wire.

Adding Multi-Room Audio to Existing Homes

If you don't have whole-house audio but would like to add it to your existing home you have two options -- retro-fit your house by running wire to each location or implement a wireless solution. Wiring an existing home may or may not be feasible depending upon the availability of ceiling and wall access for routing the necessary wiring.




The Intercom Module and Main Console Unit are the central components of the Intercom System. The Intercom Module integrates with any enclosure and serves as the central hub for the system. It allows you to maintain a true structured wiring system by allowing you to home run all cabling to the module which you install inside the enclosure. This configuration is more standards based, and much easier to wire than traditional intercom systems on the market today. In addition to standard system features like Talk, Door, and volume control. The Main console Unit is installed in a standard 3-gang box and is trimmed out with a standard 3-gang decorator wallplate.


Easy to Use

This intercom system has easy to read, simple to press rubber buttons on each room control panel - Simply press to talk, let up to listen. The built-in monitor button will allow you to monitor any number of rooms in your home - The privacy button will make it so no one can monitor your room.


  • Home runs from structured wiring panel (not main console) to room locations making it more efficient to wire
  • Interfaces with telephone, audio and camera monitoring systems for added features
  • Trims with standard 3-gang decorator wall plates for a stylish, modern look
  • Broadcast system - talk from any unit to all others
  • Uses two runs of Cat5 wiring for main console, single run for each room unit



Services Provided by MR Audio and Video

  • Structured Wiring
  • Custom Home Theater Systems/Surround Sound 5.1
  • Whole House Audio
  • Intercom System
  • Custom System Remote Controls
  • Whole-House Control Systems
  • Telephone/Intercom Systems
  • Lighting Control
  • Wiring for Network, Broadband, Video and Telephone
  • High-Definition Televisions and Projectors
  • Central Vacuum System
  • MR Audio and Video is a company that will meet and exceed the needs of Home Owners and Builders. We are in business because of the passion we have in this industry. We represent ourselves and the Contractors we work for with the upmost respect, integrity and honor. We take pride in our appearances, attitude, conduct and in conversation.

    All work performed by us, whether it be pre-wire or retro-fitted, always comes with our seal of guarantee. The job is not completed or finished until the contracto/customer is satisfied in the service provided.

    We are a local company serving:

  • Morehead City
  • Newport
  • Havelock
  • Jacksonville
  • New Bern
  • Kinston
  • Washington
  • Richlands
  • Oriental
  • Our company will travel and provide services to anywhere in the Carolinas. We are not restricting ourselves to just our local demographic, but want to offer our services where ever it may be needed. We are a 1-stop company. We can pre-wire homes, buildings, offices, provide all equipment, install it, provide technical assistance, and all products will be covered and supported with a Manufacturer's Warranty.



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